“Library Magic” Showcases Indie Folk at Its Finest

“Library Magic” Showcases Indie Folk at Its Finest

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“Library Magic” is the latest release from Washingtonian indie folk band The Head and the Heart, who formed in the summer of 2009. This track is the second single from the band’s upcoming third studio album Signs of Light, set for release on September 9th, 2016. The track was released on July 15th.

Overall, I think that “Library Magic” is a fantastic indie folk track. Although the current mainstream popularity of electronic music isn’t inherently bad or, it’s nice to hear acoustic music every once in a while. “Library Magic” satisfyingly fulfills that niche. The track opens with warm acoustic strums and silky vocal harmonies that eerily (but favorably) remind me of Led Zeppelin’s acoustic work. However, once the drumbeat settles in, the tune feels more modern. In the chorus, the band fills out the track with sonic additions of subtle orchestral strings, and as a result, the production of “Library Magic” really starts to shine. In the bridge, the background instrumentation falls back, and the vocal harmonies heighten in complexity and intensity. There’s a calm pause right in the middle, soon followed by a lone drumbeat and a perfectly timed acoustic pluck that brings us right back into the vocals. The track closes on a soft note that will enchant many listeners.

For me, the best part of “Library Magic” is the simple yet warm lyrics. Combined with the creative vocal harmonies, they feel poetic and serene. The chorus reads:

And I can see the sunshine’s rays
Gleaming through the clear water
Telling me what happened before
This chapter’s arrived
There will always be better days
There will always be better days

In the end, I find myself more excited for Signs of Light. The first single from the album, “All We Ever Knew”, retains the modern folk charm that makes The Head and the Heart a great band. Although “Library Magic” is slower than that track, it’s just as sincere. Folk music has captured the hearts and minds of many listeners throughout the decades, and The Head and the Heart continues that tradition when they transform the genre with a modern sound. I highly recommend that you give “Library Magic” a listen on YouTube below. If you like what you hear, keep your eyes and ears peeled for Signs of Light when September 9th rolls around.

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~ Nastassia

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