“Lil Bub” the cat seems to be killing the game!

What many of you might think is a crazy headline or may have thought that our headline was a typo I can assure you it is not. A Cat known by the name “Lil Bub” has been crashing the Entertainment, Writing and Music industry. Lil Bub was found in rural Indian in a ran down shed with much care needed. A Lovely citizen was able to save him and nurture the cat back to health. From there Lil Bub was out to make a difference. The cat has raised over 300k for animal needs. He has published a book, is a movie star and a talk show host. On top of his skills so far he has now be come a artist and release his first debut album Science & Magic: A Soundtrack to the Universe. The Album is priced at 18$ a piece.

Lil BUB - Science & Magic LP/CD/Download - PRE-ORDER

Lil Bub is one creative cat and is also a huge inspiration to all. His first year he partnered with ASPCA to help special needs pets and its rocketed since. To learn more information about donating you can visit this link here : http://www.lilbub.com/bigfund

Other then that you can learn more information about Lil Bub here :http://www.lilbub.com/ 

Rare Norm thanks Lil Bub for his work with helping animals and for being a creative genius. Go check out his album for the secrets of the universe.

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