Lil Durk - Downfall ft. Young Dolph, Lil Baby

Lil Durk – Downfall ft. Young Dolph, Lil Baby

Lil Durk – Downfall ft. Young Dolph, Lil Baby

Music video by Lil Durk performing Downfall. © 2018 Alamo (Interscope Records)


Daniel Filmzz - 9 months ago

Lil pump

WeGotYouTv Media - 9 months ago


Zae Zack - 9 months ago

Dolph went hard

Johnnie Simmons - 9 months ago

Loves this shit, ya digg

Elijah Durham - 9 months ago


Thtkiddtayy Was here - 9 months ago

the beat comes in at 0:24 and durk starts rapping at 0:35

Rita Burnett - 9 months ago

He my downfall I will admit ALM

Ebrima Jakiteh - 9 months ago


Niambi Sanders - 9 months ago


j walt - 9 months ago


Victor Mata - 9 months ago

This mf jams!!real!!”u my downfall I hope u know that shit”..lol

Jonathon Miller - 9 months ago

Young dolphs shirt is too small 😂😂💀

Michael Lajoie - 9 months ago

I'm moving slow like I'm Grandpa 🔥 Lil Baby kill that shittt #TooHard

Fuck Diamond - 9 months ago

Hard 🔥

InkyAndTheBrain - 9 months ago

If you got a good bitch you gotta send her to law school cuz you might need her 💯💯💯💯💯BRA… realest bar I’ve ever heard from Durk. I caught a case and I’m fighting 5-15 with 7.5 presumptive. Had to spend 30k on a lawyer. If I had a bitch who was practicing law, that’s 30k I would have saved smh damn … that’s a real ass bar right there I swear on everything it is

El Roco - 9 months ago

Lil Durk stepped his game up. This shit go hard

Nathxn Beatz - 9 months ago

Woulda been better without dolph

Byron Hollingsworth - 9 months ago


Jeannette Tudal - 9 months ago


Sam Aloos - 9 months ago

sell the dog food real talk

Ryan Rittman - 9 months ago

So tough

Megan Alvey - 9 months ago

This shit go in good ft💯💯

burial gully - 9 months ago

Shouldnt it be
"you gonna sell that dog food to do what you gotta do"
and not
"do what you gotta do to sell that dog food"?
I dont think anybody is risking everything TO sell heroin… theyre running the risk of selling heroin to gain everything 🤔🤔🤔

Elcaponation gangshit - 9 months ago


Nate K - 8 months ago

Durk better at rapping then singing in my opinion

Kaleb Nugent - 8 months ago


t vasquez - 8 months ago

I fw dirk but this hook ain’t it chief 😂

Christ - 8 months ago

This is my ringtone lol

kobe jordan - 8 months ago

Lil Durk is becoming one of my favorite artist 🔥🔥🔥💯

Ocean Really - 8 months ago

#6trayfrom51st to 95th Eastside/Lowend…

Karloz Kartel - 8 months ago

Like if Lil Durk the Real King of R&B

YoungKay - 8 months ago


Tiffany Johnson - 8 months ago

Lil baby part tho 😍💜🇧🇸

Honcho gang gang - 8 months ago

When when you get a chance come pick me up at 4 you and then you know you see a black truck when we live at

Be Informed - 8 months ago

"You gon.. do what you gotta do to sell that dog food, if you got a good bitch you better send her to law school" 💯💯🔥🔥

LEE X - 8 months ago

I'm the one your parents told you to stay away from but I'm the one who told you fuck them hoes and get this paper so real

Mohammed Thazhathethil - 8 months ago

Doesn’t Lil Dirk look like Marquelle Fultz lol

Honcho gang gang - 8 months ago

Sapir w l quite dTavares RUTAVARU

strom hd ilegal - 8 months ago


Jey's TV - 8 months ago

I felt what Young Dolph spit bruh 💯

G. WH1TE - 8 months ago

Make more songs like this with the good kid mad city vibe ,, this is so melodic I swear

Fuk Yuo - 8 months ago

That first part is touching
Much love everybody who struggling ✊🏿🤞🏿

Honcho gang gang - 8 months ago

T pv zo nj a dc kp o

Wendell Washington - 8 months ago

Its Dolph

Honcho gang gang - 8 months ago

Th 0 vzc

Toni Dallas - 8 months ago


Craig Rand - 8 months ago

One of young Dolph's best verses 💯

Ceasar Benton - 8 months ago

Dolph killed this !

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