Lil Durk - Downfall ft. Young Dolph, Lil Baby

Lil Durk – Downfall ft. Young Dolph, Lil Baby

Lil Durk – Downfall ft. Young Dolph, Lil Baby

Music video by Lil Durk performing Downfall. © 2018 Alamo (Interscope Records)


Eazy LiveonSko - 9 months ago


Amir 4Ever - 9 months ago


Brian Toland - 9 months ago

Why is durk so slept on i don’t get it he been out n been consistent with visuals n tapes shit is crazy all his vids should do M’s instantly

who This - 9 months ago


ll broken ll - 9 months ago

Dolph Fucked Up The Song 🤷🏽‍♂️

india moore - 9 months ago

I love this i can listen to this all day

Alvis Webb - 9 months ago

Straight dope boy(yeah)Richard porter…🔥🔥🔥

Pharoah Klan Records Inc. - 9 months ago


This New Artist Is Better Than Drake !!!

Pretti Hinted - 9 months ago

Whole album 💥💥 i hope u know dat shit!!!

Kareem Al-AKHRAS - 9 months ago

Lil Baby went offff

Jay Zanotti - 9 months ago

Why young dolph so long

Carolyn Kelly - 9 months ago

So we jus gone act like he ain't put water in da cereal

Sway Money - 9 months ago

If You Got A Good Bitch You Gooda Send Her To law School Cause You Might Need Haa 🍾✊💯

brazo - 9 months ago


Broskii - 9 months ago

Ma broskii durkski crazy af 🔥🔥🔥

C Wondah - 9 months ago

Like if this video should have over a million views

juicy gang - 9 months ago


Divon La Paix - 9 months ago

Dawn this song is hard

Pokoru - 9 months ago

Better than lil pump tbh

Geezy Parish - 9 months ago

tf they doin keep deleting my damn comment 😂😂😂

Lil Mp9 - 9 months ago

That’s Why I only Fucc with a Couple of Niggas 🦅…. Well said Durkio ‼️‼️…

lisa bostock - 9 months ago


Solo Tay - 9 months ago

U lil fucc niggas shut up we winnin 💯💯💰🔫

DjKid - 9 months ago

1:281:33 "!They Free A Couple Killer's. Now, Tha City Goin' Up & You Only Call Me. When You See Me Pourin' Up." #MyFavoritePart🔥💯🎶

LeaLea Hazel - 9 months ago

Durk 💓

LeaLea Hazel - 9 months ago

Yeah we did dirt yeah i FRONT u work STRAIGHT dope boy Trap u like to get high i like to get PAID

mike zago - 9 months ago

Respect ✊ from an arab fan to lil durk.

Slick Shoota - 9 months ago

this shit is jamming. only street niggas gone vibe to this real talk

HeadLopper Hatchet - 9 months ago


dj zdrale - 9 months ago

So underrated it is ridiculous

Daniel Nicodemus - 9 months ago

Its dolph🦈

FABIO PIRES - 9 months ago


zakaria mohamed - 9 months ago

Dolph 🐬 hard always 💯 but baby though harder than ever 4pf for life

Rapid Gaminn - 9 months ago

“I’m the one that your mommy and daddy said stay away from but I’m the one who told you fuck these hoes and get this paper”
That’s the realist line tho! Nobody give dolph credit!

OG Streetz - 9 months ago

Diz FUEGO…. Durk iz prob da only young rapper I fuck wit… Az an OG , who Been Bout Dat Life, I Gotta Respect a young nigga dat be ALWAYZ droppin REAL music, bout life , fam, friendz, and all of da negative shit dat come wit diz Street Life

brando504 - 9 months ago

Dolph high than a bitch 😂😂

Tony Arroyo - 9 months ago

Durk been slept on since 2013. This needs more views.
You like to get high I like to get paid

King 123 - 9 months ago

Shout-out my guy who got me on the lil durk wave

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