Lil Wayne - Don’t Cry ft. XXXTENTACION

Lil Wayne – Don’t Cry ft. XXXTENTACION

Lil Wayne – Don’t Cry ft. XXXTENTACION

Don’t Cry ft. XXXTENTACTION (Official Video)

Happy Birthday @xxxtentacionThe World misses u slime. #RestInParadise#LongLiveX

Song Available on Tha Carter V: https://LilWayne.lnk.to/ThaCarterVYD

Connect with Lil Wayne:

Video Directors: Jay & Georgio Rodriguez
Video Producers: Keith Brown & Omar Reynoso
Video Editor: Jay Rodriguez
Visual Effects Supervisor: Max Colt
Visual Effects Artist: Fahmi Galih & Adyatama Putra
Visual Effects Company: Frender
Production Company: Rodriquez Bros Media

Music video by Lil Wayne performing Don’t Cry. © 2019 Young Money Records, Inc.


Tto_ Lezther - 11 months ago

But x isn't dead

jesus serratos - 11 months ago

Rest easily in heaven X🙏🏻
You were such an inspiration, sucks that you had to go so soon but god had better plans for you, you will forever be missed😢

RT-TrabilazerXxX HD - 11 months ago

Sorry X I cried please forgive me

Manvel 1979 - 11 months ago

Чем дальше тем тупее….

Mersa Kurten - 11 months ago


FJVDavid88 - 11 months ago

Did they sing together? If not Lil took advantage of a cool beautiful voice.

Jmurk fam - 11 months ago

Rip x

Cool Dude - 11 months ago

If I die young blame the Jews

kabir Das - 11 months ago

Who love you lil wayne

Anita Savea - 11 months ago

#longliveX #llj

Elena Rat - 11 months ago

My love îs xxxtentacion

استفد -تفيد - 11 months ago


Улито Мэн - 11 months ago


RIP X.X.X. - 11 months ago

Lil Wayne, we understand the pain your going through.

Zhia - 11 months ago

They fucking milking x. This not his picture in my mind.

Madisyn Rose - 11 months ago

Is anyone going home to talk about his girlfriend there!!!

Bob Wiedemann - 11 months ago

Rip X💔

God Cosmic - 11 months ago


Noval Ali - 11 months ago


EnvyMeGreatly - 11 months ago


EnvyMeGreatly - 11 months ago

#YingYangBloodMarriageFamily Thanks #Mack🖖👽💕

Loki - 11 months ago

fuck whoever disliked this

EnvyMeGreatly - 11 months ago

So hard being steps away from #YingYang who mastered & taught from a distance….Thanks for showing a few of us how to be ladies #ForeverIndebted similar to #DOD mi familia GeishaBow I Love YOU….We aint shit without YOU 💜💚 ☝️ ***I STILL REMEMBER ***🙇‍♀️

AMEZLIFEMEDIA - 11 months ago

Rip XXX 🙏🔥📖
Listen to Changes Feat : Sofia & Amez777 (Cover – Colab) by D.O.G RECORDS #np on #SoundCloud

Cheyenne Williams - 11 months ago


hopnik diwayne - 11 months ago

best ves 2019 Don't cry Lil Wayne just be you § Mama tell me to be careful
Voice in my head give me an earful
But I got mind control over my control
I lost control but knew I'd find control
I let God control what I cannot control
Can't control the tears, let them drop and roll

Leon Brewer - 11 months ago

lenges don't die if there not forgotten

William lol Lol - 11 months ago


Kumar n - 11 months ago


William lol Lol - 11 months ago


pixelomomo - 11 months ago

The only thing that diceving me is that he calls X triple extantion

William lol Lol - 11 months ago

🧠 IQ 10000 Lil Wayne

AzX GaMiNG - 11 months ago

Old friends its been a while i was listenning to you two's

Raja Cali - 11 months ago

Wtf! Lil Wayne trying to revive his career on someone's death.fuck u

Wickedninja Dude - 11 months ago

Who is a better duo

Wayne and Em
Wayne and X

Kevin Williams - 11 months ago


john smith - 11 months ago

XXX 😭😭😭 Proud of the successful short life you lived.

samothrace verdigris - 11 months ago


Milton Dub G - 11 months ago

We all want a ❌❌❌tention on our mother-F*kin after lives🙏🏻😔🤬

Eric Glass - 11 months ago

“Only thing on the mind of a shark is eat”
Guess “Don’t cry” is what’s on the mind of a illuminate puppet. Songs fire tho and wack

Endii Forever - 11 months ago

Long Live X

rap caviar - 11 months ago

But I'm Hungary, so Hungary

Hosine Ziar - 11 months ago


Mhmd Fedawy - 11 months ago

I mean 2 albums after death…. I don't think he is dead.

Jam - CSGO and GD - 11 months ago

I just wanna say. Leave X the fuck alone. His label is just tryna make money out of his death at this point. All of his post death music is trash except guardian angel, bad, train food and whoa

Koa 47 - 11 months ago

I miss X so much rip vro

vickey music - 11 months ago

REST IN PARADISE xxxtentacion

Paul Radin - 11 months ago

They said XXXTENTACION is Dead

River Shen - 11 months ago


Pipe N González - 11 months ago

Boy a morir en el intento lil

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