Lil Wayne’s A3C Performance Cut Short

Lil Wayne’s A3C Performance Cut Short

Lil Wayne‘s headlining set at Atlanta’s A3C Festival ended abruptly when pandemonium erupted in the crowd, Billboard reports. While onstage performing at the Georgia Freight Depot during the second day of the A3C, Wayne cut his set short when people started running to the exit.

What set off the chaos is a bit unclear with people who were there at the festival claiming that a brawl broke out in the audience, and others claiming on social media that shots were fired. TMZ reports that someone in the crowd screamed “shots fired,” which sparked the panic as people ran to exit the area. A dozen people suffered minor injuries from being trampled during the stampede

In a statement, the festival’s organizers write that “there was an altercation tonight that ended Lil Wayne’s performance.” Read the full statement below.

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— #A3C18 (@A3C) October 8, 2018

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I don’t know if they were shooting at the lil Wayne concert #a3cfestival #lilwayne but something happened that it ended fast! pic.twitter.com/RMBEFs4oMa

— ReginaldSaunders ♈️ ?? (@IamRSaunders) October 8, 2018

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