Logic x Joseph Gordon-Levitt Youtube Originals

Logic x Joseph Gordon-Levitt Youtube Originals

In what some may consider an unlikely partnership, Logic and Joseph Gordon-Levitt announced their upcoming YouTube Originals project, involving a collaborative process between the aforementioned rapper and voluntary creatives. In essence, finishing off a piece initiated by Logic himself, the YSIV hitmaker will upload his part on HitRecord’s website — a production company specializing in short films, books, and online content headed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt — of which participants will then download to work on next.

Whether writing lyrics, playing instruments, or adding vocals, Logic will be tasked to handpick the best contributions, with the creative process being documented from end-to-end and later aired for all to see.

When asked to comment on the special, Logic had the following to say:

“So excited to be working with Joseph Gordon-Levitt on this incredible collaboration. Have so much respect for him and am inspired by his passion for HitRecord.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt added the following:

“A lot of creativity on the internet feels like a popularity contest, but this is about people coming together to make something they might not have been able to make on their own. Logic is the ideal guy to lead a collaborative process like this. I mean the name of his record is Everybody.”

The special is slated to air on YouTube sometime next year. Be sure to check back for updates. Elsewhere in music, three more Drake & Migos shows got cancelled.

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