Maggie Rogers Has Released Mastered Track of “Alaska”!

Maggie Rogers Has Released Mastered Track of “Alaska”!

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Maggie Rogers is a student from New York University who has released the finished version of her track “Alaska”, a folk/dance hybrid song inspired by her hiking trips. The tune features modest acoustic guitar, a simple yet captivating disco rhythm, and booming bassline beats. Rogers’ beautifully high-pitched vocals round out this gorgeously crafted song.

The hype circulating “Alaska” began with a New York University video of a masterclass for music students led by none other than Pharrell Williams, best known for his song “Happy”. The masterclass took place at The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Pharrell listened to the students’ projects, offered them constructive criticism, and discussed the spirit of the creative process.

Before you read any further, watch the video on YouTube below! It has gained over one million views since it was posted on March 21st. Maggie Rogers’ segment begins around 18:15, the song starts around 20:30, and Pharrell gives his thoughts on the tune at 23:40.

When she introduces herself to Pharrell, Rogers explains that she grew up in Maryland playing the banjo, building a strong foundation in folk music. When she studied abroad in France, she had a very unique experience with dance music, and she started to create new music after years of inactivity. The result is “Alaska”, and Pharrell gives the demo a listen.

The best part of the video is watching Rogers jam along to the music while Pharrell’s facial expressions grow increasingly joyous with disbelief. After the demo plays, he tells Rogers “I have zero, zero, zero notes for that and I’ll tell you why. It’s because you’re doing your own thing. It’s singular.” He goes on to compare her originality to hip hop group Wu Tang Clan and singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder. Rogers appears completely blown away by Pharrell’s immense praise—who wouldn’t be?

The mastered track of “Alaska” was posted on YouTube on June 17th and is available for streaming on Spotify. It’s also available for listening on audio distribution platform SoundCloud. Give the song a listen, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for Maggie Rogers and her music in the future!

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