The Maker of The Sound – Ryan Leslie

The Maker of The Sound – Ryan Leslie

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He is the person behind the beat and behind the scene. You can call Ryan Leslie one of a kind. He is the producer and the maker of the beats you usually hear. Ryan Leslie is his own entrepreneur. He takes chances and ownership; constantly creating a sound that becomes a hot sensation. Ranging from R&B, Hip Hop, Gospel; Ryan has the ear to combine the harps, bells, drums, conga, and piano; making a beat that is so sick you can’t help but bump to the rhythm and melody of it. As a young boy Ryan Leslie grew up around music but was always moving around due to his parents being Salvation Army officers.While he attended Harvard University, he was introduced to Stevie Wonder’s work. From there on Ryan Leslie said he wanted to chase that career and make it apart of his life. Ever since encountering that feeling of appreciation for music and Stevie wonder, Ryan was constantly involved with the radio station and anything that had to do with music. He studied it personally, mentally, and emotionally he was attached to it. As his love for music grew he created his own image, his own sound. He is an example of chasing what you love. Ryan Leslies sound is so unique you can connect to it with passion and feel it in your soul. Have you ever caught yourself listening to a song and out of nowhere you just say, “Yo that beat is hot.” That is how Ryan Leslie will leave you. His life journey shows this: If you love something become a professional at it. Study it with your mind and take it in personally. Emotionally let it guide you into believing in yourself. Take leadership into what you have as your vision and constantly keep building and creating what your mind and soul reveals to you. If you want to get inspired go and look at how Ryan Leslie has fun with making his own beats. He is the true defintion of a Orator.

“Never allow them to put you in a box” – RL ryan leslie 3

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