Margo X Stimulus drop “15 Minutes and you must hear it! Vol. 3 #IndieArtist

With his new single “15 Minutes“, Berlin drummer and producer „Magro” creates an unusual connection between Hip Hop and Jazz. As a guest, he featured the New Yorker – and now Berlin based – MC and DJ „Stimulus“. The song criticizes the development of the music industry, politics and society in an aggressive, exclusive direction and inspires to exemplifying more acceptance and tolerance. Stimulus was discovered by Mark Ronson, who recorded and produced his first demo. As a DJ and MC, he has already been on stage with international artists like De La Soul, Talib Kweli, Redman, Mark Ronson, Q-Tip, Mos Def and others. Together, Magro and Stimulus wrote the song and recorded it in Magro’s living room. Magro: „I find it interesting to work with MC’s and singers who have very different styles. In the beginning, I usually have an idea for a beat or even a complete harmonic song structure. Then the vocal part is added, and the song can develop in a completely new direction. To be part of this creation process is like listening to an exciting Jazz solo.” Over the years, Magro has worked with numerous artists as a drummer and producer. 3 Music has brought him around the world and to international festivals (including Tremplin Jazz Avignon, Jazz Al Popolo Rome, Women in Music Festival Zambia and many more). In addition, Magro was part of the production team of Leona Berlin’s debut album, released in 2018 with Warner Music. He is at home in Jazz but also in Hip Hop and R’n’B music. His stylistic versatility is also expressed in his own songs. When he moved to Berlin three years ago, he began producing his original music. “The urge to express my personal musical vision has led me to start my solo project. My vision is to deliver a contemporary Hip Hop and Jazz-influenced music“. Throughout the year, more singles will be released, featuring different Berlin and international artists – including Kenny Wesley (USA), Kileza (London), Rapturous (Berlin).



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