Meek Mill’s Request For Judge’s Removal Is Denied

Meek Mill's Request For Judge's Removal Is Denied

A Philadelphia judge has just rejected Meek Mill’s request to remove Judge Genece Brinkley from his case on Wednesday, stating the rapper doesn’t have legalities regarding their selection of judges. Judge Leon Tucker also informed Mill’s lawyers that only way they could remove Brinkley would be to take it up with the state’s Supreme Court. “We have a judge that wears the same robe that I wear, that has not recused herself and has not disqualified herself,” Tucker said. “I don’t have the jurisdiction to do that. It’s as simple as that.” If you recall, Genece Brinkley was the same judge who handed Meek Mill the harsh prison sentence back in November 2017 for violating his parole, and then denying his bail back in April. For months now, Meek Mill’s legal team has been alleging that Judge Genece Brinkley has been waging a personal vendetta against the rapper after she reportedly didn’t get a shoutout on a song, in addition to Meek Mill turning down her request for him to leave Roc Nation and sign with her friend.

Meanwhile, the MMG rapper’s legal team says they planning on filing a motion with the state’s Supreme Court to remove Judge Genece Brinkley from the case. “Judge Tucker thoughtfully considered our application to reassign this case,” said one of Mills’ attorneys, Joe Tacopina. “While he ultimately ruled that he did not believe he had the authority to do so, we respectfully disagree and will immediately ask the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to reassign the case.”

In other related news, Meek Mill recently cancelled his White House visit.

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