Nicki Minaj and Safaree Trade Shots on Twitter

Nicki Minaj and Safaree Trade Shots on Twitter

Nicki Minaj sat down with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex to initially burying the bad blood between them and discuss her recent album, Queen. However, the candid conversation led to Nicki going off on her ex-boyfriend Safaree, who was taking credit in the past for helping her write her lyrics.

“The world knowing that other big female MCs have gotten people to write for them, he knew by saying that, it wouldn’t be a stretch,” she explained. “He knew by so many people always wanting to tear me down in some way, and they just couldn’t find something to tear me down with, he knew that was it. The only reason he did that was because he was hurting inside. He shitted on me and finally got shitted on.”

The “Chun-Li” artist would later dive into their past relationship, revealing Safaree had stolen her credit card and was cheating on her with prostitutes. “You got caught shittin’ on a person who was taking care of you while you were paying for prostitutes and stealing their credit cards and doing all types of dumbass shit,” said Minaj. She even went on to also add that he had a hairline transplant.

The war of words later trickled out to social media, where Safaree defended himself, accusing Nicki of secretly being together with Meek for a few years and even stated that Minaj stabbed the New York artist.

“Remember the night you cut me and I almost died the police and ambulance had to take me out the crib on a stretcher and I had to lie and tell them I was trying to kill myself so they wouldn’t take you to jail,” wrote Safaree. “When things like that start happening more Than once it’s time to dip.”

Read the now erased tweets here and watch Nicki’s Hot 97 interview above.

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