“No Future” by blink-182 is Out Now!

“No Future” by blink-182 is Out Now!

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“No Future” is the latest tune from pop punk band blink-182, whose seventh studio album California comes out on July 1st. It’s the third full song released from the album and the fifth song released overall. The lyric video for “No Future” was posted on YouTube late yesterday morning, and it’s gained 290,000+ views as well as spot #24 on YouTube’s Trending list.

In terms of speed, “No Future” is slower than “Rabbit Hole” and faster than “Bored to Death”. However, in terms of singalong factor, “No Future” definitely takes the cake!

“No Future” opens with a standalone guitar riff soon followed by bassist Mark Hoppus’ lower octave vocals. Drummer Travis Barker backs him up with splash drumbeats that represent classic pop punk at its finest.

After this prelude, Hoppus jumps right into the chorus, and right away you can tell that blink-182 aimed for complete catchiness with this tune. Hoppus sounds genuinely joyous when he sings here! Guitarist Matt Skiba effectively rounds out the chorus when he shouts “”No future!” in the background.

Skiba sings the next verse, and it’s the best we’ve heard from him yet. Initially, fans were worried that we wouldn’t be able to hear the difference between Hoppus and Skiba’s voices. Former guitarist Tom Delonge sounds distinctive for his bleating vocals, and it was very easy to distinguish him from Hoppus. In fact, it was one of the characteristics that made blink-182 special. However, fans have no need to worry. Skiba is definitely capable of charting his own vocal path in blink-182. His verse in “No Future” is evidence of that!

Hoppus dominates the chorus again, but this time around he includes plenty of heartfelt “na, na na, na na, na na na”s. This adds to the singalong factor of “No Future” and will definitely sound amazing in concert!

In the bridge, we hear some more guitar, and Skiba leads the way, crying “Where did she go, did she go, did she go?” before leaping into the final chorus, this time tuned to the style of gang vocals backed by Barker’s powerful drumming. (If anything, I’d say that gang vocals are a key characteristic of the new blink-182, although that’s most certainly a positive thing.) The song closes in a rewarding finish with some incredible vocal harmonies and a catchy return of the “na na na”s.

Overall, “No Future” carves out another notch in the win column for blink-182, and it increases the hype for California even more. Check out the lyric video for “No Future” on YouTube below. You can also find the song streaming on Spotify!

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~ Nastassia

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