No Pressure By Lisa Lopes Is Defiantly A Hot New Hit!

A brand new song by a young artist out of boston named Lisa Lopes just hit the web and its called “No Pressure.” It’s crazy because everyone has been waiting for an artist of her caliber to hit the scene in boston and here she is. She has the voice, style and the look of a future superstar. Her song immerses you into a wave of summer love and is worth listening too. This local artist has a lot of talent behind her and as the first song we have listened to we can say Lisa that you and your team are doing a great job and keep it up ! Bring us another New Hit ! You can listen to “No Pressure” by Lisa Lopes above or below!

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Follow Lisa on Social Media:
Instagram: @Lisa__Lopes
SnapChat: Lisa.Lopes88
Twitter: LisaLopes__


Video Directed by: NewHitz
Shot & Edited by: Khai Boa
Song Written by: Mykel Forever, Dubb Zero, NewHitz
Song Produced by: PDubTheProducer
Hair Stylist: Nadine Ramos
Make up Artist: Stephanie Gomes
Wardrobe: Lisa Lopes, Mykel Forever
Song Mixed & Mastered by: Mykel Forever


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