OLAWUMI Celebrates Her Birthday with A New Song called”Mess”

No one is having a better day than Nigerian singer-songwriter OLAWUMI. Today, the songstress is celebrating her 23rd birthday and premiering a brand new song entitled “Mess.”
“Mess” is bursting with glimmering synths, expansive atmospherics and immaculate heartfelt vocals as the New Jersey resident serenades souls, and reminds lovers everywhere that sometimes it’s okay to be vulnerable and in love. 
Reflecting on promises made to a special lover, OLAWUMI sings: I can’t believe we couldn’t work this outTeetering on emotional limits she later adds, “I don’t know what to do with out your love and I don’t know what to do with out your touch.
Stream the track below, and join Olawumi in celebrating her big day.
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SoundcloudThe Olawumi
About Olawumi: Nigerian-American singer-songwriter Hillary Olawumi, better known as “Olawumi” is a 23-year old photographer turned R&B/Soul artist originally from the Gateway region of New Jersey. Olawumi introduced the world to her experimental R&B sound with the release of her 4-track EP in May 2014. Produced in large part by Philadelphia composer Cloud Atrium, NOIR proved Olawumi to be one of the most stimulating, distinctive and fresh new vocalists in alternative rhythm and blues.
Behind New Jersey greats such as the late Whitney Houston, the talented Lauryn Hill, and the beautiful Faith Evans, Olawumi is evenhandedly next in line to tilt R&B music on its axis. Despite her limited discography, Olawumi’s tunes has a durable quality that makes listeners, without hesitation, click enable the repeat function on their listening devices.

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