This week’s artist on the come up is XNDRSOUNDS. Rare Norm team had the pleasure of interviewing Xndrsound, read what this promising artist had to say, and check out him with the links down below.  

 Who are you? And where are you from?

My name is XNDRSOUND. I’m an artist from Randolph, MA

 What inspired you to make music?

What inspired me to make music was my family. Both my dad and my brother had roots in music. My dad was in a band with his brothers and did a lot of solo work too as I was growing up, so seeing him do his thing really got me interested in the whole process. My brother was into singing too, when I was in middle school he started to rap and I took interest in it as well. One day my boy Thien pushed me to start rapping and I haven’t really let up since.

 What is your process like when creating a track?

For me, the music creation process can start a few different ways. Usually, it’s just listening to beats and freestyling melodies or flows. Sometimes if I have an idea in mind I’ll sort of outline the entirety of what I might want in a journal. After I’ve figured out what my subject is there’s a lot of self-reflection or even going through past texts and tweets to pull from what’s real. Making sure whatever I end up creating is still true to me. And I guess the more boring part is the actual recording and mixing since I engineer as well, but in general, that’s the process. 

What is the message you’re putting out there with your music?

The message I look to put out isn’t really direct through my music, but kind of implied through my subject matter. What I really want people to take away from any song is that it’s okay to be you. I want to make sure every song feels like a piece of me and that the listener feels me. I really focus on being true to me. I always felt that when I’m being me the music sounds best, and I want other people to be related to the music and maybe even find comfort in who they are.

 What is the advice you would give to other musicians? 

To other musicians, I think the most important thing is to fall in love with the process and make sure you’re having fun. Regardless of the stress of social media, the numbers game, critics, or whatever else could really distract you, music is your outlet to have fun. So never let the outside bring you down. This is where we release ourselves from that and create.

What’s next for you?

Next for me is more music to put it simply. October’s Eve was a great way for me to give the people a project that has a lot to sit with. I think my next move is an EP and hopefully, a lot of visual work to go alongside it. Fans have been showing me love and asking for more so I have to deliver.

Website: http://xndrsound.com

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Spotify: xndrsound

IG: @xndrsound

FB: xndrsound

Twitter: @xndrsound

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