OneRepublic Score with New Single “Kids”

OneRepublic Score with New Single “Kids”

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Pop band OneRepublic have just released a new track titled “Kids”, the first single from their currently unnamed fourth studio album. OneRepublic have enjoyed significant mainstream success with several of their tunes, an exhaustive list of hits that includes “Apologize”, “Secrets”, and “Counting Stars”. Just like its predecessors, “Kids” strikes all of the major keys in the mainstream pop scene to create an irresistibly catchy tune.

“Kids” cements its status as a stadium-worthy track as it opens with an atmospheric wall of glossy synthesizers and distant yet distinct background vocals, and the drums-led transition into the first verse sounds powerful yet polished.

Frontman Ryan Tedder enters with his sturdy and passionate vocals, and he’s backed by some sleek acoustic guitar strums. The drums lead the transition into the chorus, and as soon as you hear that club-ready bass beat, you know that OneRepublic have masterfully demonstrated their precise mainstream pop sensibilities once again. The first half of the chorus focuses on some perfectly crafted dance beats, but it’s the second half where OneRepublic really step up their game. The lustrous synthesizers enter once again, the harmonious vocals stand out with passion and intensity, and the powerful drums boom steadily in the background.

The second verse is shorter than the first, and it doesn’t feature an acoustic guitar. Instead, it chooses to return to the dance club theme, supported by an impressive variety of slick synthesizers and potent bass beats. The second chorus isn’t much different, either, but the bridge is good enough in terms of creativity. It strips the instrumentation down to single out Tedder’s solo vocals, solely supported by the familiar drumbeat. The transition into the final chorus soars with grandiosity, and the track closes on a highlight of OneRepublic’s impressive vocal harmonies and a return to the calm yet atmospheric wall of sound.

When it comes to the creation of undeniably catchy pop hits, OneRepublic always nail it. Over the years, they’ve managed to capitalize on current pop trends, albeit with their own unique musical twist, to chart massively successful singles that always reign on mainstream radio. Frontman Ryan Tedder, who Billboard labeled as “The Undercover King of Pop” in early 2014, has worked as an independent songwriter and producer for artists such as Adele, One Direction, and Taylor Swift. Clearly, he has the experience necessary to craft the perfect pop track. “Kids” represents yet another notch in the win column for him and OneRepublic.onerepublic-kids

Have you listened to “Kids” yet? Check out the track on YouTube below. OneRepublic haven’t officially announced the title of their fourth studio album yet, so if you like “Kids”, you’ll have to wait and see what else is in store!

~ Nastassia

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