Passenger Releases Tropical New Tune “Anywhere”

Passenger Releases Tropical New Tune “Anywhere”

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English singer-songwriter Michael David Rosenberg, better known by his stage name Passenger, continues to build the hype for his eighth studio album Young as the morning, old as the sea with the release of the track “Anywhere”. Rosenberg previously fronted the band Passenger, but when they dissolved in 2009, he chose to keep the name for his solo career. “Anywhere” is the second track released from Young as the morning, old as the sea, after “Somebody’s Love”.

“Anywhere” opens with a buoyant and melodic guitar riff that feels really tropical and summery. The upbeat percussion that enters soon after, alongside the wavy synthesizer, emphasizes the beachside sentiment even more.

Passenger comes in for the first verse with his very distinctive vocals. They sound light, feathery, and even somewhat nasally. However, they do fit well with the lighthearted mood of the track. The structure of the first and second verses is also distinctive in comparison to most pop tunes. The guitar fades slightly into the background to take on an acoustic sound when Passenger sings in each verse. However, in the small interlude positioned in between the verses, the guitar strolls right back in with the cheerful riff that we heard at the start.

The chorus features pleasant vocal harmonies from a female vocalist who sings sunnily alongside Passenger, and the lyrics here definitely give off a positive vibe:

Oh, and I will be with you
When the darkest winter comes
Oh, and I will be with you
To feel the California sun
Oh, and I will be with you
In the night sounds and it’s true
Oh, I’ll go anywhere with you

In the third verse, Passenger’s vocal work reaches new ranges as well as new emotional heights, but the track really starts to shine in the bridge. Passenger sticks one sole lyric in the middle—”Yeah, I’ll go anywhere with you”—but the rest is just the instrumentation. The main part that stands out is the brass, which hasn’t appeared before, and it sounds really great amongst the guitar and the percussion. It gives the track a hint of ska or reggae, and it even elevates it to a higher level of musicality.

The brass features prominently in the mix for the rest of the tune, at least until the return of the distinctive guitar riff—but given how catchy it is, that shouldn’t be a surprise. The track closes on a lovely instrumental note that makes the finish feel complete.

Overall, “Anywhere” is a fun and lighthearted track that’s easy on the ears. It’s a simple yet enjoyable tune that gives off a great summery vibe. Some of Passenger’s longtime fans say that this is a new sound from him, and if that’s the case, Young as the morning, old as the sea could be a major win. Watch the official video for “Anywhere” below if you’d like a taste of this tropical tune.

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~ Nastassia

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