Rapper Gunna Discusses His Career For Pandora

Rapper Gunna Discusses His Career For Pandora

Underscoring Gunna‘s rise, Pandora spotlights how he has leveraged the online and offline to gain affluence. Born and raised in College Park — a community just outside of Atlanta — Gunna’s flirtation with music began from a chance encounter with a studio session amongst friends. Never considering rapping a possibility, the artist jumped on a track and instantly found a new love for the musical art form. Finding vitality in rapping gave him the fuel to keep his nose to grindstone and dodge “cases,” while his Young Thug mentorship provided him guidance in the industry.

HYPEBEAST spent the day with the Drip Season 3 rapper to see through his eyes how he has experienced Atlanta. Success has the ability to lull people into stagnation, but for Gunna he still wants and sees more in his future. Though he sits atop the hill, he has made it a responsibility to connect with his peers and lift them to similar heights he has attained, as the area’s unique style, “game” and spirit is why the city continues prospers.

Watch the video above, and hear more music from Gunna and other trendsetting hip-hop artists on Pandora’s “The Sauce” playlist.

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