Rhetlaw From Atlantic City , NJ Drops A Must Hear Beat Tape!

Peace Power Positivity,

My Name is Rhetlaw infamously known as RHTLW. I Am a Producer/DJ from Atlantic City , NJ but currently living in Brooklyn, NY. I combined both elements to create audio journeys. I’ve always thought songs and mixes that continuously evolve take the listener through different levels of consciousness. Over the past few years I have faced setbacks, triumphs, love and other disasters forcing me to move and grow. As I grew so did my music.


Captivated by elements of Future Bounce Afro Beat , Trap, Soul and I was inspired to raise the energy of my work while still being able to hold the energy of each sample.’ After producing a few instrumental albums I wanted to take my music a to new place challenging myself to perform/create my music live in front of people.

After months of study, practice, and exploration I feel I have made the first step on the path to success. I present to You Audio Journey 1: The Stash. A performance of my instrumentals using techniques such a Remixing, beat juggling, live sampling, finger drumming and fader drumming. A unique perspective on live beat creation intended to entertain as well as a captivate. Sync into the FREQuency here:

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