Rob Vicious ‘Traplantic’ Documentary | HYPEBEAST

Rob Vicious 'Traplantic' Documentary | HYPEBEAST

Earlier this month, Shoreline Mafia rapper Rob Vicious ushered in a “new era” for Atlantic Records with the release of his debut solo project Traplantic. Continuing to support the project, the fast-rising Los Angeles star further breaks down the backstory behind his recent full-length for a special documentary based on the Traplantic narrative.

“I grew up in West Adams, LA,” Rob Vicious explains at the beginning of his Traplantic documentary. “When you hear gangbanging, what the f*ck go through your head? Selling drugs, shooting, fighting, bullshit, broken homes, broke people, bums and that’s exactly what Adams is. It’s a trap, that’s why I got it tattooed on my body.” Traplantic provided the sounds of Vicious’ Los Angeles upbringing, and it’s accompanying visual delivers the sights. “I ain’t come up around no fake sh*t,” Vicious shares. “How you get treated out here is going to be reflected on how you put off yourself.”

You can check out Rob Vicious’ Traplantic documentary above, and check out the itinerary for his upcoming Traplantic tour below.

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