Shawn Mendes Releases Bluesy Tune “Ruin”

Shawn Mendes Releases Bluesy Tune “Ruin”

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Shawn Mendes, former Vine star turned current pop sensation, has released the second song from his upcoming yet currently untitled second studio album, due in the fall through Island Records. Titled “Ruin”, this tune is much less poppy and much more bluesy than his previous release, “Treat You Better”, which came out on June 3rd.

“Ruin” opens with calm and serene sonic instrumentation. Imagine diving into a pool, feeling the weight of the water all around you. It’s almost like the waves are pulling you under—not frantically, but rather peacefully.

Soft and gentle guitar strumming and a measured but steady drumbeat build upon the tranquil background arrangement. From this transition, you can tell right away that “Ruin” is meant to be a slow jam. While “Treat You Better” feels suitable for blasting through your car speakers as you drive along the beach, “Ruin” feels suitable for sitting down on your patio and relaxing after a long day.

Mendes’ vocals smoothly enter for the first verse, and he sounds particularly heart-wrenched on this track. He doesn’t sound overly wrought with powerful passion, but rather deeply regretful. When the chorus sets in, his vocals become more incensed, and he sounds fully remorseful. The chorus reads:

And I’m not tryina ruin your happiness, baby
But darling don’t you know that
I’m the only one for you
And I’m not tryina ruin your happiness, baby
But darling don’t you know that
I’m the only one,

The second verse returns to the calmer mood that the song started with. However, the following chorus brings us right back to the formidable emotions of sorrow and lamentation, this time backed by secondary male vocals.

The bridge consists of a solo guitar break, sounding heavier and firmer than the acoustic strums that opened the song. Mendes returns to close out the tune, pleading the question “Do I ever cross your mind?” intertwined with lines from the chorus. The guitar remains thick and compact, cementing the emotional finality of “Ruin”. With the support of the acoustic guitar, Mendes ends the song with the tender reassurance “Not tryin’ to ruin your happiness at all.”

Overall, “Ruin” is a major win for Shawn Mendes in terms of establishing his identity as an artist. Despite being rather bluesy, this song blends wonderfully with the peppier “Treat You Better” as a solid representation of Mendes’ talent. “Ruin” currently occupies Spot #17 on the iTunes charts, so it’s bound to become just as popular as “Treat You Better”. Watch Mendes perform “Ruin” live on YouTube below, and find the track streaming on Spotify!

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~ Nastassia

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