Sheck Wes Releases Music Video for “Wanted”

Sheck Wes Releases Music Video for

New York rapper Sheck Wes just rolled out his new music video for the song “Wanted.” The song is the fourth track from the 20-year-old artist’s debut album MUDBOY. To match the song’s uber energetic sound, Sheck gathered a group of friends and caused a bit of havoc in the streets of NYC for the visuals. Shot in black and white, the story sees the entire squad roll deep in a van making stops at places in the city like midtown, a few subway stations and convenience stores.

Things start to get interesting when police show up and some of the crew members start dancing in the middle of the street. There’s also a mob out session in the subway station as police officers look on. Take a look at the video above and let us know your thoughts on Sheck Wes’s debut project.

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