Sosa Montana Spotlight

Why did you write this song?

  1. I wrote this song for my girlfriend she’s my ride or die and I feel like having somebody that has my back through thick and thin is a beautiful thing so I wanted to share that with the world and the people that can relate.

What do you want to do for the rap game? 

2. I honestly want to change the rap game my goal is to bring more substance back to the rap game! I like to make thought-provoking music that you can learn something from or at least relate to.

 How do you feel about mumble rap?

3. Man, I hate mumble rappers lol! Nah they cool I just really miss the days when being lyrical was important the days when you had to really stand out to be considered hot the days when sounding just like the next rapper wasn’t cool the days when being the best was about skill and not about how many views you got or records you sold and I also think mumble rap is ruining the youth of America because the youth look to our music to find guidance and all they get from mumble rap is sell drugs pop a pill and kill kill kill so yeah that’s what I think about mumble rap

A fusion of modernized Massive Attack, drug-free Flying Lotus and spicy Bonobo. Astrolemo is the truth!

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