Stream How to Dress Well’s Album ‘The Anteroom’

Stream How to Dress Well’s Album 'The Anteroom'

How to Dress Well releases his fifth full-length, The Anteroom, via Domino. How To Dress Well, which is the stage name of Tom Krell, wrote the record after moving to Los Angeles where Krell felt the slow approach of “hell and death.”

Spin recently spoke to Krell about the process of recording the new album. “I always start with vocal recordings,” he said. “I started recording myself making all these sounds with my mouth, looking at the waveform, and then plugging things in there to fit into the waveform, in this schizophrenic improvisational practice. What I like about starting with the vocal is that it’s material and personal—not my personality, but my person, my flesh.”

The first single “Nonkilling 6 | Hunger,” released back in September and a video for second single “Body Fat” was released earlier this week. Krell initially teased the album with “Land of the Overflowing Urn,” a musical suite composed of album cuts “Vacant Boat,” “Nonkilling 1,” “The Anteroom,” and “False Skull 1.”

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