Stream Kevin Gates’ New “Adding Up” Single

Stream Kevin Gates' New

Earlier this month, Kevin Gates dropped two new singles: “Money Long” and “Great Man.” Now, the down-south superstar is back with another new record in support of his anticipated Luca Brasi 3 project.

Known as “Adding Up,” Kevin Gates’ latest drop is about his never-ending devotion to the paper chase; the song’s debut is also also being paired with a brand new Zane Lowe interview.

“I was in an adding-up mood. I was in a mood like you know what, when I get to this chunk, I’m going to put it with that one, I’m just going to stack,” Gates explains to Zane Lowe for an exclusive Beats 1 interview. “You know, I was like I only want to get haircuts for three weeks. I just want to focus on the money. … You know, I say look, when I’m recording this project, I only want to wear gray sweats or black sweats. I don’t even want to think about what I’m going to wear. I’m just wearing gray sweats and flip-flops, let’s go.”

Elsewhere, Gates used his exchange with Zane Lowe to deliver another memorable line: “Rehab is for quitters,” he declares. “You have to replace negative habits with positive habits, because everything for me is a trigger. So, rehab is for quitters. And it’s so many people that come to me and tell me hey, your music has helped me. So, I’m not trying to be an advocate for people that battle with depression, but I know that I am.”

You can stream “Adding Up” above and check out Kevin Gates’ new Zane Lowe and Beats 1 interview below.

Back in August, Kevin Gates released a new video for “Vouch.”

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