Stream “SADEVILLIAN” A Smooth Mashup EP of Sade & MF DOOM

Stream SADEVILLIAN –  A Smooth Mashup EP of Sade & MF DOOM

A picture of the SADEVILLIAN EP COVER.

In an unlikely but appropriate mashup, a Datpiff user named seanh2k11 created an unbelievably smooth mashup EP of R&B and Soul legend Sade and the ever elusive Hip Hop legend MF DOOM called SADEVILLIAN.


In this 8 track EP, seanhk2k11 blends Sade’s smooth and smoky voice with MF Doom neverending steady flow. This EP sounds like the soundtrack to a day of relaxation while dreaming up plans for a worldwide takeover.


If I didn’t know any better I’d think this Sade and MF dooom were in on this project. While a Sean had previously released two other projects (including one of which he blends eminem and pac), this would have to be his most notable project.

Listen to SADEVILLIAN here or Stream it Below.

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