Swizz Beatz and Young Thug’s “25 Soldiers” Video

Following the recent release of “Pistol On My Side (P.O.M.S.)” with Lil Wayne, Swizz Beatz teams up with Young Thug for another new high-profile collaborative cut, “25 Soldiers.” Notably, the song is being released as the latest single in support of Swizz Beatz’s new studio album, Poison.

“The whole thing with Poison is that the reason why I went so hard with the record and even with the album cover with Cleon Peterson was because it just reflected the reality of the times we live in and we have to face that, but we poise on,” Swizz Beatz explained to Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, breaking down his latest project and its creative direction.

“This is me planting my feet back on the ground, entering the building from the ground floor, redoing the foundation of what I built over the years and not skipping over it or moving to the next building without revisiting my core because a lot of people get in my position and they just want to skip over all the lines,” Swizz Beats adds. “I feel that you must always revisit what people really know you for and show them that you are still a master at that craft and then take them on a journey where you’re going to go from there.”

You can check out Swizz Beatz and Young Thug’s new “25 Soldiers” video and single above. Poison is scheduled to hit streaming services and retailers on November 2.

For more, hear Swizz Beatz talk about his favorite artists and more.

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