T.I. Breaks Down His Kanye West Collaboration

T.I. Breaks Down His Kanye West Collaboration

Last week, Kanye West followed up “Lift Yourself” with the release of a new collaborative cut with T.I., “Ye vs. the People.” The record dove deep into Kanye West’s recent controversies, primarily the Donald Trump issue. Now, T.I. — fresh off a Tony nomination — sits down with Hot 97 to break down his encounter with Kanye West and the processes behind their recent collaboration.

“I think he’s a phenomenal talent of our generation that deserves to be heard and considered,” T.I. says of Kanye, speaking to the Ebro in the Morning crew. “No matter how preposterous it may be — I disagree with it emphatically.”

“We got realize – this is Kanye West we’re talking about here,” T.I. adds. “Ain’t but maybe 1% of the people in the population of the Earth that speak the language of Kanye West. The problem is, the stuff that come in his head, when it actually come out his mouth and make its way to the air, it’s totally different than it was in his head.”

You can check out T.I.’s entire sitdown with Hot 97 above. Besides Kanye West, he also opens up about his personal life, Gucci Mane and other political issues.

Earlier today, Kanye West talked slavery and prison in a heated TMZ video.

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