The Internet Drop ‘Hive Mind’ Single “Come Over”

The Internet Drop 'Hive Mind' Single

Following The Internet‘s initial single ““Roll (Burbank Funk),” comes another track off of the upcoming Hive Mind album called “Come Over.” The track above has is meant to be something you can “easily two-step to,” as group member Matt Martians explained in a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio.

“We were going to festivals the last year and we were listening to tempos, we kind of felt like our last albums were a little too groovy,” Martians continued. “When I started making the drums, I was like I want to make something that people can easily two-step to and you can just easily get into. So that’s how the drums started and Steve added guitar/bass. Syd started writing a song about a very true story.”

He also spoke about the conceptualization of the album, saying:

Ego Death was the death of all our individual egos and now it’s like we’re one group ego. We move as a unit. We’ve become closer since the solo projects. It’s weird, you feel like most bands when they do solo projects, it sort of drifts. But I feel like going out on your own sort of got us battle wounds that we can all relate to. We all move in a unit now. It’s really interesting. Hive Mind is basically one mind. Five people with one mind.

In other music news, Kanye West is hosting an album listening party in Wyoming tomorrow.

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