They. Release Debut Album 'Nu Religion: Hyena'

THEY. via SoundCloud
THEY. by way of SoundCloud

They. have introduced their debut album Nü Religion: Hyena, and you can cop it on iTunes or stream it by way of Spotify down below.

The team reaffirm their really worth on “Silence,” a spotlight that finds the blooming alternate R&B duo crooning over an atmospheric, mellowly energetic instrumental. You can hear to the keep track of for yourself down below.

On the keep track of, the pair show up to be singing about the quiet moments after a sexual come upon, which displays them “What it feels like to be straightforward.” On the hook they sing, “We lying we floating it is all for silence/We dwelling, we discover but we lengthy for the silence.”

The keep track of appears like anything that would feel appropriate at household on a Weeknd album or perhaps even a project from Sampha, but They. pleasure by themselves on their own special design and style. Talking with XXL in late 2015, the duo–composed of Drew and Dante–spoke on their targets for the entire world of audio, and their solutions gave insight into what seem they’re aiming for.

Dante desires They. to be remembered like a legendary rock team. “If I could say there’s a person artist trajectory-wise, definitely they experienced a quick operate but, Nirvana, since when they came out there was effervescent up of the seem but it was not necessarily there still,” he explained.

He continued, “It was like this generational shift of like this what everybody listens to. And then this new band out of nowhere arrives and knocks Michael Jackson off the charts and replaces him at No. 1. It is variety of represented the new technology and the youth. So that’s what I think, ideally, that’s whom I want to emulate influence-wise.”

For his portion, Dante explained he wished the team to go away a mark on the tradition in the exact same way that OutKast did in the late 1990s and mid-2000s.

They.’s Nu Religion: Hyena Tracklist

1. “Nü Religion: Hyena (Intro)”
two. “Africa”
3. “Deep End”
4. “Motley Crew”
5. “Truth Be Told”
6. “What You Want”
7. “Silence”
8. “Back Around”
9. “Bad Habits”
ten. “Say When”
11. “All”
twelve. “Dante’s Creek”
13. “Back It Up”
14. “U-RITE”

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