This Is How “Type Beats” Changed Hip-Hop Production

Over the past few years, “Type beats” have flooded YouTube, SoundCloud and just about every music-sharing platform. And you can’t blame the producers; the demand is there. “Type beats” are an easy way for new rappers to get into the game. The folks at Genius break down why “type beats” are so popular and how they are changing hip-hop production and the music industry.

They say that these type of beats helps producers build a fanbase and forgoing the traditional system of sharing beats with an artist in hopes for a placement. “Type beats” are not just made for up-and-coming rappers, established acts like ASAP Rocky and others have also made songs by using “type beats.” Rappers like Lil Mosey, Desiigner, Fetty Wap, YBN Nahmir and more blew up because of “type beats.”

Watch the breakdown above and let us know if you think “type beats” are good or bad for hip-hop.

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