Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake

Travis Scott – SICKO MODE ft. Drake

Travis Scott – SICKO MODE ft. Drake

ASTROWORLD OUT NOW http://travisscott.com

Directors: Dave Meyers and Travis Scott
Producers: Nathan Scherrer for Freenjoy, inc, Sam Lecca

Travis Scott online:


Epic / Cactus Jack
(c) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle.

AvaKnowsYou - 11 months ago

Drake and Travis left Swae Lee out, like a light 😂

Kristal romero - 11 months ago

H-Town hold it down 🤟🏼🏙🔥🔥

Battle Time! - 11 months ago

track is so so..

DodoPlayz _ - 11 months ago

This is lowkey lit

TheKingNekro - 11 months ago

🎵 See the shots that I took, wet like I'm Book 🎵

zoom93host - 11 months ago

Drake & Travis i love u guys <3

Sotirf Beats - 11 months ago

Editor: Say no more
Travis: I didnt even say anything

Editor: Yes
Travis: What effects you want?
Travis: Wait how did you do that? We just switched questions
Editor: Its that good stuff

Drake: Yeah man roles switch when you get on that good stuff
Editor: Yeah he knows, he did half a xan had him out like a light
Swae Lee: Wtf is going on right now, I just wanna start my verse but I keep getting interrupted

Idk man i kinda stole someones idea with the say no more i didnt even say anything but i kept adding to it but im not gonna steal a comment and not say it

Aodinai - 11 months ago

@0:36 why does he look like a more beefed up version of DC Young Fly

Spread Love - 11 months ago

I played this song to my teddy bear and now he’s a grizzly bear.

Garrick Kidd - 11 months ago


Zilent Z - 11 months ago

I let my goldfish listen to this

He became a shark

Demetria Hemmingway - 11 months ago

So we gone ignore that he sound like Kanye

Tyrone Ketley - 11 months ago

Best song that drake done I a long time one of them it's cool

Tawanda Matanda - 11 months ago

6 time

Simple vids - 11 months ago

This song makes me wanna do a toilet in my shit

NothingButShame - 11 months ago

Hey guys i Don't ask for so much but I'm trying to grow my channel and it will be great if you sub you don't have but if you do thank you!!

Jarosław Purchawka - 11 months ago


Javier Dedios - 11 months ago

I ask to many questions but where is swae lee

BayToven SF - 11 months ago

@2:57 is where it's at.

Mr. Dothard - 11 months ago

(I just popped a Xan 50 thousand in Japan) (I did half a xan 13 hours till I land) 🤔

Ya whole generation - 11 months ago

This song makes me wanna go sicko mode

River Fienx - 11 months ago

Drake needs to stop acting hard, its so cringe hearing him say shit like "its on sight"

Ke Su - 11 months ago

showed this to my tiger he's tyga now

Andre Alexander - 11 months ago

I got dizzy after watchin' this shit ,like my motha fuckin' eyes couldn't keep track of what the fuck was goin' on after one point .
cOoL ViDeO though .

Luan Chau - 11 months ago

0:53 thought that ws nicki manaj 😅😅

Secure world - 11 months ago

Amazing coincidence! https://youtu.be/-FL5wKD5Mkk please share

ItzMj - 11 months ago

If I see one more “this the best music vid ever” like rocky didn’t release asap forever

Rayqz Alex - 11 months ago

The editor worked more then this two

Andzelika Zabarauskiene - 11 months ago


KID DAE - 11 months ago

If your reading this .. SUB & I’ll SUB back

THE JACKAL THE JACKAL - 11 months ago

this song makes me want to trip sober.

verimus - 11 months ago

he isnt even there

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