Travis Scott - YOSEMITE

Travis Scott – YOSEMITE

Travis Scott – YOSEMITE

ASTROWORLD OUT NOW http://travisscott.com

Directed by Nabil
Produced by Ivan Herrera and Kathleen Heffernan for Operator Media

Travis Scott online:


Epic / Cactus Jack
(c) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle.

TE so - 9 months ago

omg i love it

Edgar Chanda - 9 months ago

astro world

Максим Арсеньев - 9 months ago


GIM66 - 9 months ago

Swear I know the tune at the beginning does anyone know where it’s from?

ChangeUp - 9 months ago

this beat…. im so grateful

Lkjneat - 9 months ago

anyone listening 2019?

It's Factor - 9 months ago

The beat sounds like Gunna's beat from Sold Out Dates.

Laurenee - 9 months ago

Is this the movie annihilation

THERMOPILOS_21 - 9 months ago

This song deserves more views

Ericson Jacques - 9 months ago

The video reminds me of my island

Airjackhcin - 9 months ago

Um when did they make a music video for this song I never knew…

yves kokora - 9 months ago

this sound is out of the ordinary congratulations to you Travis Scott

Tecla Matambo - 9 months ago

like if travis scott is better then 6ix9ine

iam_ Aiiden - 9 months ago

one of my fav' song😎💯

tasha/jason boler family - 9 months ago

I blast this everyday at work🔥🔥

Raccoon Face - 9 months ago

Still waiting for STARGAZING music video

OHJUSTSOMEGUY - 9 months ago

So is it Yo-Seh-Might or Yo-Seh-Mitty?

Nimely Junior - 9 months ago

Gunna's lowkey song

Danny Abery - 9 months ago

This song hits hard 💪🔥

Yun Adams - 9 months ago


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