Two Door Cinema Club Release Smashing New Single!

Two Door Cinema Club Release Smashing New Single!

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Two Door Cinema Club are an Irish indie pop band from Bangor and Donaghadee in County Down, Ireland. They formed in 2007 and currently consist of three members: vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alex Trimble, lead guitarist Sam Halliday, and bassist Kevin Baird.

Two Door Cinema Club’s debut studio album, Tourist History, was released in March 2010 through French independent label Kitsuné Music. In the United States, where the band are signed to Glassnote Records, the album was released in April 2010. Their second studio album, Beacon, was released in September 2012. It debuted at number one on the Irish Albums Chart and reached number two on the UK Albums Chart.

Two Door Cinema Club’s third studio album, Gameshow, is set to be released on October 14th, 2016. The first single from the album, “Are We Ready? (Wreck)” was released on June 14th through Annie Mac’s Hottest Record, a BBC Radio 1 radio show.

Two Door Cinema Club are best known for creating sunny and breezy indie pop tunes that stay stuck in your head for days on end. Their sound functions as both casual background music and as pumped-up danceable disco, a rare yet notable musical achievement. However, they’ve made a strong effort to progress their sound as they continue to release new music. “Are We Ready? (Wreck)” is no exception to this artistic evolution!

“Are We Ready? (Wreck)” features spirited bass grooves and spunky guitar strokes that reinforce Two Door Cinema Club’s knack for sleek danceable beats. “Nah nah nah”s from a children’s choir are sprinkled here and there throughout the tune along with some more layered guitar lines. The song gels perfectly with the rest of Two Door Cinema Club’s catalogue, yet it embraces a new musical style all on its own.

However, the lyrics of “Are We Ready? (Wreck)” reveal a darker sentiment. In interviews with NME and Annie Mac, frontman Alex Trimble talks about his frustration with trying to find his place in this generation. These lyrics from the bridge of the song shed some light on that disillusioned feeling:

I saw the world today

It comes in green and gray

Refrigerator humming

Chewing gum and instant karma

The wars are whoring

All the stores are bored with all your money

We follow what’s to come

That’s what they sold to me

From these lyrics, Trimble seems critical of the growing materialism and obsession with technology in our society. Given that he’s feeling out of touch with this generation, this frustration is definitely understandable and even relatable. From this song, it’s clear that Two Door Cinema Club have definitely brought their A-game to the lyrics department for Gameshow.

Check out “Are We Ready? (Wreck)” on YouTube below. If you like what you hear, keep your eyes and ears peeled for Gameshow when October rolls around!

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