Uncle Murda and 50 Cent Go Off on New Song "Statute Of Limitations"


Uncle Murda back links up with 50 Cent for a street banger. Murda, who announced his signing to G-Device final December, is gearing up to launch his new album The Lenny Grant Tale this calendar year.

For his first single “Statute Of Limitations”—which plays off the regulation that prohibits prosecutors from charging an individual with a crime that was committed a lot more than a specified variety of a long time ago—Murda and 50 rap about managing their individual past problems.

“Fuck them niggas be killed they meant to be dead/It was them or us, so we shot them in the head/Fuck becoming broke, we meant to get bread/You know what I do, if I get caught I’ma go to the Feds/You consider I give a fuck about these rap niggas?/Currently being mad ’cause I dissed ’em on a track nigga,” Murda raps.

50 Cent comes in solid on his verse. “Niggas stated they with this shit, do not know what this shit about/Dope boy in a drought hardly ever go a various route/Like them gold fronts nigga, spit ’em out/You gon’ make me strike you appropriate here in this Waffle Residence/Anxiety is a option, threat is real/Go ahead, play rough dude and get your ass killed,” he spits

Pay attention to “Statute Of Limitations” under.

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