Watch Juice WRLD’s “Black & White” Music Video

Watch Juice WRLD's

Two months are releasing the video for “Lean Wit Me,” Juice WRLD decides to liberate the visual for “Black & White.”

Juice WRLD’s Goodbye & Good Riddance single “Black & White” video takes viewers to the sight of a particularly-wild party, which heads down a darker path towards the vignette’s conclusion.

“Every day’s a party, don’t let no one tell you different / No lames allowed, you should really keep your distance,” Juice WRLD spits. “Smokin’ on loud, and that codeine I sip / Pourin’ up this purple shit until it’s in my piss / R.I.P. to Prince, we got purple rain on deck / She love Bobby Brown so we keep the ‘caine on deck / There be haters ’round, keep a AK on deck.”

You can watch Juice WRLD’s video for “Black & White” above.

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