Watch Keke Work It: The Talented Star Drops Latest Video


Watch Keke Work It: The Talented Star Drops Latest Concept Video

By: Emily Bloxam

In an exclusive interview with Paper Magazine, Keke Palmer unveiled her latest project, a concept dance video set to a combination of Desiigner’s “Panda” and Drake’s ‘”Controlla.”

Keke put her own twist on the songs, giving them a new setting and killer choreography. For “Panda”, she envisioned a street vibe, pounding out tough, hip-hop choreography with an auto body shop posing as the backdrop. “Controlla” gets a slower, R&B grind, as her and a group of friends chill at a beach BBQ.

The end result looks like a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun.


In case you are wondering, no, Palmer isn’t featured on either of the songs. This is simply a creative homage to the artists. Palmer proves it doesn’t have to be her song for her to successfully put a fresh outlook on it, in a unique way to express her self.

In her interview with Paper Mag, Keke explained why she chose these two polar opposite songs and what led to the making of the video:

‘These are two of my favorite songs out right now, they are totally different, but both represent the culture. Just like with all my concept videos, it’s about creating on top of what was created. This is what those artists inspired me to do.”

This isn’t Palmer’s first concept video, she has done rapper Yo Gotti’s, “Down in the DM’s” as well as Rihanna’s hit single, “Work.”

Not only has she become a creative director for these videos, but Palmer has also established herself as a singer, dancer and actress for over a decade now.

Starring in Akheela and the Bee at just nine years old, Palmer is no novice to performing. She recently starred in the Fox TV Show, Scream Queens that has been picked up for a second season. And let’s not forget when she portrayed R&B icon “Chilli” in the TLC story, CrazySexyCool.

Palmer has also taken her acting talents to the theatre, starring in an adaptation of Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella on Broadway in 2014. She was also chosen to play Marty Maraschino on Fox’s live version of Grease that debuted earlier this year.

In an interview on Hot97, Palmer stated, “On any scale I want to express that creativity, I’m gonna do it. I wanna dance, I wanna do concept videos. If I wanna do music, I’m gonna do that. So, I hope that that’s the message.”

No complaints here, Keke. Keep on doing exactly what you want, because we want to see more.


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