Watch YBN Nahmir’s “Up-Top Baby” Music Video

Watch YBN Nahmir's

Last week, the YBN crew released their first group project, YBN: The Mixtape. Now, YBN Nahmir revisits the effort for a new visual in support of one of his YBN: The Mixtape solo cuts.

On my life, when I up, he gon’ freeze up / When it’s cold, I’ma stick with that heat tucked / It’s YBN, lil’ n*gga get your team up,” YBN Nahmir spits. “Remember all the days I was broke, now my cheese up / Take a-take a L, bounce back on some new shit / Kick a door, bounce out with them blue strips / MAC-10 and it came with a tool kit / N*gga try me, on my life, I’ma use it / I’m a Up-Top Baby, give a f*ck about a white scale / And I ain’t sugar-coatin’ shit, this my lifestyle.”

YBN Nahmir also shouts out talented northern California rappers Mozzy, Shootergang Jojo and Yatta. “Free Yatta, Corkoland in this bitch / Shout out that n*gga Mozzy, know I’m f*ckin’ with the gangland / Shooter gang, bitch, Deuce Jojo let that thing blast.”

You can watch YBN Nahmir’s new, @PPLCALLMEACE-directed “Up-Top Baby” video above.

Earlier this summer, YBN Nahmir and YBN Cordae delivered their first song together, “Pain Away.”

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