What is Up With Frank Ocean?

What is Up With Frank Ocean?

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It has been almost four years since artist Frank Ocean’s debut studio album Channel Orange was released, to critical acclaim.

And it has been almost one year since the original release date for Ocean’s latest project Boys Don’t Cry came and went like any other summer day.

Since then, Frank Ocean followers have been not so patiently waiting for the album to drop.

You know it’s bad when memes have been made. Some tease that the album may never see the light of day; others propose that it was all one big joke, and Boys Don’t Cry doesn’t even exist. In fact, it’s been so long since Ocean has promoted the album, many are beginning to wonder what happened to the talented singer/songwriter. Soon, they’ll be donning FREE FRANK OCEAN tees.


The artist has been fairly dormant, despite his Tumblr teaser, “Memrise” and feature on Kanye West’s original album Wolves, which was later removed.

When asked, “What’s up with Frank Ocean?” in an interview with Complex in May, fellow artist and friend Chance The Rapper stated, “No one really is able to find Frank when Frank goes away… But I know he’s away, making a masterpiece.”

However, there was a jolt in the Internet yesterday when rumors began circulating that Ocean’s album was dropping tomorrow, June 3rd.

So far, there has been no word from Frank Ocean himself to corroborate this story. Frank has disappeared from almost all social media platforms. Only his Tumblr page is left standing, but there is hardly any indication of an album release on it.

Ocean’s website boysdontcry.co holds two blank tabs for “audio” and “text.”

We can only hope that tomorrow those tabs will be filled. Until then, keep bumping Channel Orange.

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