Where is Frank Ocean?

As some of us who are a fans of the talented song writer Frank Ocean and enjoyed his last album Channel Orange  released back in 2012. Many are wondering what happened to Frank Ocean?

Earlier in 2015 Ocean Frank Oceanannounced that he would release his second studio album in July, but nothing came of it. His most recent work came with the collaboration of Kanye West’s new album The Life of Pablo  “Wolves”. Frank Ocean has been able to capture fans with his carefully and meaningful music which is why the public has been waiting anxiously for his new album.

Frank suit  As of now nothing is to make of what Ocean will do, as we can only can only hope that he will release his album early 2016 as fans have been eagerly waiting. The genius of Ocean being able to be a storyteller of his personal experiences of life and love, is what allows fans to relate to his songs and that on its own is the beauty of Ocean’s work. His style is influenced from artist like Prince and Marvin Gaye as Ocean is able to incorporate rapping and singing, making him a rare talent, as only few artist are able to master both. .All left to do is enjoy what Ocean has produced such as ” Forrest Gump’ and “Novacane”. However long it will take for his album to be released, hopefully it will not disappoint and the wait would have been of all been worth it.

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