Who are you Kiana Brown?!

Dear, Kiana Brown

We sat perplexed by such an angelic voice last Friday night. My cousin and I had been doing our normal browse of the internet, looking for new upcoming talent. When we landed on a very interesting video on Facebook. What we thought was just going to be another average remix of Drakes hotline bling turned out to be something far more than that. This girl had a caramel skin tone with greenish eyes and dreads you’d dream of having. She sat still and gentle on a stool as the piano played. Then all of a sudden one of the most beautiful voices we have ever heard began.11896531_936587073081685_2113877076532343118_o

As she sang all I felt were chills running through my body. Her voice was mesmerizing. I felt locked in place by it, hypnotized by the way she looked and sang with grace. She wasn’t your typical singer. She was something new, something different, something Rare. By the time the song was over, I felt like that could have been the last song I’d hear on this earth. It was perfectly performed by an angel. Kiana Brown if you ever come across this article keep it up. You’re a wonderful performer and you should be found. Rare Norm wishes you an abundance of progress as you move forward to success. Thank You

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Welcome to Rare Norm
Welcome to Rare Norm