Who is Russ?

For those who are looking for new up and coming artist to listen to, say no more, Russ, a talented 23 year old rapper, based out of Atlanta, Georgia has been on the hustle for quite some time now. Over the past year he has been on tour across all over Europe and now currently the U.S. Russ is now becoming a fan favorite and a hidden gem that the public that has finally discovered. One of his hit singles ” What they want”  has hit over millions of views on Youtube and has been amongst one of his most popular songs. With incredible work ethic Russ has produced 11 albums all available in his website before he was 21.


His style of music is able to captivate fans with honest and meaningful lyrics that have to do with his life and family issues. Russ is quickly rising up in the ranks of hip hop, and how could he not when he produces, sings, raps, and writes all of his music on his own.All of his music is on his Soundcloud account in which he created back in 2014 and now has a following of over 160,000, with some of his songs hitting more than a million plays. Take a listen for yourself of who Russ is and follow his journey.



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