XXXTentacion Signed Album Deal Worth $10 Million

XXXTentacion Signed Album Deal Worth $10 Million

Despite remaining a controversial figure up until his death, XXXTentacion could undeniably sell music. Even with Spotify pulling his songs from playlists due to the violation of the streaming service’s hateful conduct policy, tracks like “Look at Me” went on go platinum while his ‘?’ album went on No. 1 on the Billboard charts. Following his death, sales of his debut studio album 17 skyrocketed by 9000% in 24 hours.

Due to his success on the charts, he was able to secure a lucrative deal for his next album. According to The New York Times, three people briefed on the rapper’s upcoming third record reveal that X had signed a $10 million USD deal with independent music company, Empire — who also released his first album. The founder of Empire, Ghazi Shami, noted that  “significant amount of material” for the record had already been finished, with no set release date. X’s last contract with distributor UMG could prevent the unnamed album to be held until October but the details of his posthumous deals remain unclear.

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