Yellow Days “How Can I Love You?” Music Video

Following the release of his first 2018 track “The Way Things Change,” nineteen-year-old British prodigy Yellow Days returns with visuals for his recently released song “How Can I Love You?”

The mesmerizing visuals above follows the artist through various vertical transitions to new settings, with each room conveying a different hue in the color spectrum. It begins in the suburbs before the artist descends into a distorted figure and resurfaces alongside two clones of himself.

The jazzy tune is carried along by Yellow Dog’s smooth vocals. “The song is about missing a loved one and struggling with the feelings that come with that.,” the artist revealed. “The video came about through myself and director, Jamie Whitby, trying to depict the inner layers of my mind, almost as if I’m taking the audience on a tour through the different parts.”

Check out the visuals above, then check out the newly instated rules of the upcoming Wireless Festival.

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