Yellowcard Release “Rest In Peace” to Kick off Final Album

Yellowcard Release “Rest In Peace” to Kick off Final Album

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Yellowcard are an American pop punk band formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1997. They’re well-known for the singles “Ocean Avenue” (from the album Ocean Avenue) and “Lights and Sounds” (from the album Lights and Sounds). Yellowcard are distinctive within the pop punk genre because their music features the prominent use of a violin, beautifully played by Sean Mackin.

Considering that we’ve been keeping tabs on blink-182’s projected resurgence with their upcoming album California, knowing more about the genre of pop punk would put bands like Yellowcard into a clearer musical context. Pop punk is a fusion genre that combines elements of punk rock with elements of pop music. The genre combines fast punk rock tempos and instruments with poppy melodies and lyrical themes. In the mid-1980s, bands such as the Descendents merged hardcore punk with pop music to create the early sound of the pop punk genre. By the mid-1990s, bands such as Green Day were starting to sell millions of records and receive extensive radio airplay. At the turn of the century, blink-182 led the way in pop punk’s mainstream peak with their 1999 and 2001 albums Enema of the State and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, respectively.

Early on, Yellowcard was a member of the hardcore punk camp, but by their fourth album Ocean Avenue (2003), they were full-fledged pop punk trailblazers. Watch the music video for the title track “Ocean Avenue” below to get a feel for their signature sound.

With their fifth album Lights and Sounds (2006), Yellowcard switched gears to alternative rock in an attempt to mature their sound. However, many fans and critics felt that the album fell short from the musical standard set by Ocean Avenue. Yellowcard took a cue from these critiques and returned to their traditional pop punk sound, although they did so with a new direction that involved stronger songwriting and more emotional lyrics.

On February 24th, 2016, Yellowcard announced that they re-signed with independent record label Hopeless Records and started work on their next and final album, Yellowcard. They also announced their final world tour, which begins on September 30th.

On June 24th, Yellowcard released the first song from Yellowcard, “Rest In Peace”. I won’t say anything about the song here to preserve its special status as a tune from the band’s final album; forming your own thoughts about the song on your first listen is key. Check out the music video for “Rest In Peace” on YouTube below or find it streaming on Spotify.

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