Otto self driving truck is coming to a town near you !

This is the future of driving only means a future of self driving trucks. No hands , no feet and a lot more relaxing.

Otto is a startup that’s retrofitting trucks so they can drive themselves. The company’s technology is so valuable that Uber just bought Otto for an estimate of 680 million dollars.Self Driving Truck

For now, a licensed truck driver has to watch the wheel and a co-pilot monitors what the cameras see so it doesn’t veer out of a lane. But soon enough Otto will make it so no on needs to be behind the wheel!

This will be great for long stretches of highway that they would usually have to drive. There is a switch that actives the automation and a computer controls the rest of the work. A variety of sensors and cameras mounted around the vehicle track the trucks every movement. Ensuring a safe and smooth ride.Self Driving Truck

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