Our Journey To The Weird Part Of Youtube!

Have you ever been browsing youtube late at night and ended up on two monkeys laughing at people crossing the street or landed on a song you thought was going to be good, just to be rick rolled. If you have, then my guess is that you’ve entered the weird part of youtube before.

In this realm of wonderment you can find the weirdest set of videos you’ve ever seen and whats even better is it never ends. You could go from animals to aliens to unicorns in a matter of minutes. You could see a video of your mom you never thought existed and within one click  your reading facts on a dragon monkey.


The best thing about the weird part of youtube is the fact that you will be lost in a everlasting loop for hours. It’s so interesting and rare, most of the times you are left wondering whats next and with that mindset your bound to continue browsing.

Above and below are two video’s we found on our own browse, proceed with caution. Once you get started it might never end!

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