Palo G – You’re Getting Music Video Spotlight Vol. 9 #UndergroundArtist #Musicismylife

Rarenorm: “Why did you make this song? What do you want to achieve in your music career? When did you start loving music and what are you creating next?”

I made this song because when I heard those horns in my head I couldn’t feel more identified with the attitude it evoked and where it transported me. I thrive to achieve a lot.

I am not just an artist, in fact, I want to create a movement of intellectuals, a new vanguard, who want to fight and demonstrate the opposite of what today’s social & musical values are, as well as motivate the youth to adapt to conscious living. Art used to be made by intellectuals and innovators, by explorers, I want my music to not just inspire but disclose a new path to whoever feels unidentified. One of the biggest values that I try to represent is the awareness of climate change, the countdown of the world’s lifetime is soon to be expected.

I started loving music when I realized I knew a lot about it and I would easily understand why something is “bad” or “good”. I started loving music when I found out I could make changes in people’s mood with it and that is why I started as a DJ.

Very soon I will release new singles, I am a very individual person and my songs are as well, each one has a theme and a reason. At the moment I am working on the visual part, I properly want to transport people to where I feel. Expect some activism mixed with romanticism.

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Good Day πŸ’š Good times. Good ice cream. Funky Fresh vibe. No cup. No plastic spoon. 🌍 @maxwell_martn making historical beats. @palogchills trynna change some minds. #Happyworld . This summer I thought I'd only be working at an ice cream shop. Literally, just letting the hours pass serving ice cream with no purpose, only to earn extra money to invest in my musical career. Shortly after starting the job, I realised that it's unacceptable the amount of waste we produce, also, of course, due to public demand (milkshake to take away, ice cream in paper/plastic cups, people that got ice cream in a waffle but still ask for a spoon…) . I could not stand this, so the urge of influencing the business to switch into something more sustainable came like a πŸ”₯. Sooo, after researching, I found out about this Bio Degradable Plastic company that produces fast food business items that only take between 2~5 years to decompose. Normal plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose. πŸ€”πŸ™„ Yesterday, my boss confirmed me that the whole delivery chain will be switching to bio degradable items (spoons, straws, takeaway cups…). these are 3 different ice cream shops that will be switching their waste production. I changed something in an "irrelevant" job at the lowest position of the chain. You can do the same. We all can. Peace. ✌️

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