Quiz: Which “2 Broke Girls” Girl Are You?

Max Black (left), and Caroline Channing (left.)

Take this quiz to find out which Broke Girl you are!

Max Black (left), and Caroline Channing (left.)
Max Black (left), and Caroline Channing (right.)

1. Do You Look?
Your boss Han Lee is deep in gambling debt with a Korean gang leader, Huang Huang. You and your best friend go with Han to work out a deal with Huang. Han says something that makes Huang angry, so Huang offers to show you all what he does to guys who make him angry. “Kim show them your mangled genitals,” says Huang. How do you respond?

a. “We’re all set mangled genitals-wise”

b. “Speak for yourself. I’d take a peak at that “mangled genny’s”

2. Trying New Things.
You are at a fancy restaurant, and the chef announces the next course, “Tiny poached noisy scrub bird with fiddlehead ferns and fermented egg.” What do you think?

a. “Oh. That sounds so gross, I bet it’s great.”

b. You frown and say sarcastically, “When I used to watch Tweety Bird I used to think God that looks delicious.”

3. Happy for Others?
Your friend Sophie tells you some good news.

a. “Sophie, it’s nice to see you so giddy about something.”

b. “Yea, you’re like me sitting on that broken washer at the laundry mat.”

4. Work Ethic
The power goes out at the diner where you work. Your boss tells the staff to keep watch for looters. You say…

a. “Han, who would look this diner. Unless they are looters specifically looking for disappointment?”

b. You don’t say anything. The lights go back on right as you are about to run out the door with the cash register and a bottle of vodka.

5. People Skills
You work in a restaurant. A 30-year-old man is sitting in a booth, coloring in a coloring book. He says he colors to reduce stress. How do you respond?

a. “Can you just move your coloring materials sir?”

b. “Excuse me Oshkosh B Gosh… You know what else helps with stress? Sex… How stressful can your life be if you are carefully shading a unicorn’s ass at 3 p.m. on a Tuesday?”

6. Do You Do Fancy?
You are invited to a fancy private dinner at an exclusive restaurant in New York City.

a. “I read in Time Magazine that that place is so exclusive it’s technically not even a restaurant…I’d love to join you…”

b. “Nah, pass. Fancy restaurants are one of the three things I don’t do. You know the other two.”

Tally your score:

If your answer was “a” to most questions, you’re a

Caroline Channing.


Caroline used to be rich, like really rich. She has table manners, and she is more selective than Max in the dating department, and in pretty much every other department.

If your answer was “b” to most questions, you’re a

Max Black.


Max says what is on her mind. Yea, she can be inappropriate, but she is a girl trying to survive in the mean streets of NYC. And she is funny as hell.

Did you score half a’s and half b’s? You’re somewhere in the middle. You’ve got street smarts and book smarts. You’re definitely not afraid to go after what you want in life. Good for you!

Watch “2 Broke Girls” on CBS.

-Rochelle Leahy

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